5 stars!
— Lauren (5th Grade)
The whole thing was amazing!
— Drew (5th Grade)
The stress relieving kickboxing was exhilarating!
— Gabby (5th Grade)
Your encouragement was amazing!
— Cole (5th Grade)
I am now in love with exercising thanks to you!
— Sophie (5th Grade)
I felt very calm (after yoga) and all the stress flew out of me.
— Kaylee (5th Grade)
At the end, I was sad that we had to leave.
— Ashlynn (5th Grade)
I would recommend it to everyone!
— Jackson (5th grade)
Kent certainly had a blast!
— Mom of 4th grader
My daughter loved your program today!!!
— Nicol, Mom of 3rd grader
I don’t know what I liked best between the fitness, boxing and yoga. They were all so great!
— Gabby (5th grade)
This was fantastic! It was fast paced and the end topped it off. PLEASE COME BACK!!!
— Jacob 6th grade
I loved everything about this. It was so much fun!
— Bahar 6th grade
It got me to see the light in life. I definitely want (to do) this on a weekly basis. It was AMAZING!!
— Emma 6th grade
I felt like I could just let go of my worries.
— Allison 6th grade
My whole class loved it.
— Jace 5th grade
I loved your enthusiasm!
— Ronit 5th grade
My favorite part was when we all laid down and thought about what we were grateful for.
— Tate 5th grade
I can’t thank you enough for the great experience. You can really thrive with this program, I feel it!
— Bradley 5th grade
Empower Fit Club Rocks!
— Daniela 5th grade